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Aviation Maintenance Technology - AAS

Aerospace Technology Program Overview

The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Aerospace Technology Program offers three related paths of training in aviation, the Aircraft Mechanic's Certificate (license), the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program (Associates' Degree), and the Aviation Maintenance Management Program (Bachelor's Degree). All of these aviation activities are centered at the UDC aviation facilities (Hangar #2) at Reagan Washington National Airport, just south of the old main terminal (Terminal A), next to the taxi parking garage.

Certificate Of Completion For Aircraft Mechanic's License

This course of study requires successful completion of 40 academic credit hours (eight courses of five credits each), and is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide training for certification (licensing) as an Aircraft Mechanic, with Airframe and Power plant (A&P) rating. This program meets the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) part 147, and includes about 2000 hours of comprehensive lecture and laboratory instruction and experience. The overall instructional program is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the FAR, with FAA monitoring of the instructional quality, technology incorporation, and administrative activities of the UDC Aerospace Technology Program.

Additionally, the FAA monitors student exam performance, attendance, and overall quality of performance. This A&P Certificate program provides diverse training for the student to obtain initial job entry-level skills in the aircraft maintenance industry. Training includes developing knowledge and work skills in 44 areas, including: A&P privileges and regulations, hydraulics, electricity, electronics, metal structures, environmental systems, welding, instrumentation, composite materials, turbine and reciprocating engines, propellers, and related systems. The UDC Aerospace Technology Program faculty endeavors to provide students with a viable combination of knowledge of contemporary aircraft systems and the skills, knowledge, and attitude of a craftsman-technician. The UDC Certificate of Completion entitles the student to take the FAA administered exams for the A&P license. An average student completes the Certificate program in four semesters (about two years).

To earn your A&P license, you must pass three written, oral, and practical examinations administered by the FAA. These can be done at the UDC airport facility at this time.

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AVMT)

In conjunction with the Certificate Program, a student may take 32 additional credits of instruction and earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Aviation Maintenance Technology. These additional courses are general education subjects such as technical math, English, physics, geography, graphics, and computer programming. They are taught on main campus. See the course calendar at the end of this package for a listing of these courses.

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To explore career possibilities and employment trends please click on the link. >> http://www.bls.gov/ooh/installation-maintenance-and-repair/aircraft-and-avionics-equipment-mechanics-and-technicians.htm


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Admission Deadlines

Fall - May 15
Spring - October 15
Summer - April 15

International Applicant Deadlines

Fall - April 15
Spring - September 15
Summer - March 15

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