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Academic Workshops

Transition to College

How is your transition to college going? Learn coping skills that will keep you moving towards success.

September 20th           6pm to 7pm       Room 229
September 22nd           1pm to 2pm       Room 712

Study Skills

Having trouble retaining lots of info from your classes? Increasing your knowledge of study skills can help!

September 20th           1pm to 2pm        Room 229
September 22nd           6pm to 7pm       Room 229

Time Management

Do you get to the end of the week and realize you have not accomplished as much as you thought?  Let us help you!

September 21st           6pm to 7pm       Room 229

Learning Styles

Are you a visual, aural, or tactile learner? Knowing this can help you study more efficiently.

September 26th           1pm to 2pm       Room 229

Writing Workshop

Learn basic elements of writing quality papers.  Have someone edit your papers with you!

September 27th           6pm to 7pm       Room 712

Sponsored by the Student Success Team
Questions? Contact Halona Black (202) 274-6501 or hagouda@udc.edu


Apply for Admission

Admission Deadlines

Fall - May 15
Spring - October 15
Summer - April 15

International Applicant Deadlines

Fall - April 15
Spring - September 15
Summer - March 15

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