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Student Success Initiatives

Next Generation Learning Challenge

Program Description

The Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC) initiative is designed to reduce the number of students in developmental writing (English Fundamentals). After completing the ACCUPLACER placement exam, students falling within a certain score range are immediately informed of the option to participate in the directed self placement assessment instrument.  Depending on the results of the self-assessment, students are advised of their options, either remaining in developmental writing or skipping developmental writing and going straight into College level English with additional supports (i.e. peer tutoring) and use of online Leaner Web learning modules. NGLC aims to assist students, that were originally placed in a non-credit bearing English course, pass English Composition I  with a grade of C or better.

Principal Administrator
Dr. Jacqueline Jackson
E-mail: jsjackson@udc.edu

College Readiness

Program Description

The strategy for effective college readiness programs lies in UDC-CC’s ability to form purposeful and collaborative partnerships with schools and community based organizations.  There are several key areas that UDC-CC can work with partners to create a successful college going culture including assessment, exposure, information, preparation and collaboration.  Also needed are feedback loops and opportunities to get a head start on college.  UDC-CC tests high school students on the ACCUPLACER.  Successful students can dual enroll at UDC-CC.  If they are not, we provide an online intervention to address weaknesses.  We provide College 101 sessions for learners and a tailored "College for a Day" program.  We also offer the First Year Seminar course to interested partners. 

Principal Administrator
Kim R. Ford, Director of College Readiness and Community Outreach
E-mail: kford@udc.edu

The Women's Cafe

Program Description

The Women's Cafe is a women's initiative for community college female students. The initiative addresses many of the trends and issues that impact women through workshops, events and open discussions. The events held under the Women's Cafe relate to women-empowerment, women's health, healthy relationships, career development and self-identity/self-esteem. The objectives of the program are to promote wellness, academic success and healthy lifestyle choices. In addition,the program seeks to encourage female students to stay in college to complete their academic and career goals.

Principal Administrator
Avetta White, Counselor
E-mail: awhite@udc.edu

Minority Male Initiative

Program Description
The program is designed to help young men develop good study habits, an awareness of what it takes to be successful, and basically how to stay in college and graduate. The program seeks to: 1) create a sense of community, 2) create a culture of success, 3) increase the retention rates, and 4) increase graduation or completion of programs.

Principal Administrator
Laurence S. Covington, Program Coordinator, English
E-mail: lcovington@udc.edu



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Fall - May 15
Spring - October 15
Summer - April 15

International Applicant Deadlines

Fall - April 15
Spring - September 15
Summer - March 15

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