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Career Assessments

How Can Career Assessments Help Me To Choose A College Program?

To make an informed decision in choosing a college program (degree, major, certificate, coursework, and etc.), you may want to learn more about "you" to include your interests, personality, skills, and values.

Knowing more about yourself may help you to choose a college program that leads to greater career satisfaction.

One way to know more about yourself is to take career assessments (inventories and tests).

To begin your career planning, you want to may take the free career assessments (inventories and tests) that help to point you in a career direction. Based on the way you individually answer the assessment questions, the results will provide you a list of possible suitable occupations with the recommended education, training, college majors, and etc. These career assessments help you to narrow down your career options, but never definitely tell you to make a particular decision. In making decisions you may want to weigh the pros and cons that you personally think are associated with each occupation of interest to you, and then choose the occupation and/or college program that meets your career goals.

Furthermore, you may make a career counseling appointment with a career counselor who may help you to interpret your career assessment results that emphasize on identifying your possible career options and the corresponding college programs

Ultimately, you will be the one that decides if a college program and/or occupation is "right" for you!

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