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College Programs (Degrees, Majors, Certificates, Coursework, and Etc.)

How Do I Choose A College Program?
One of the most difficult challenges for you in college may be to choose (declare) the "right" college program. Your college program opportunities may include degree programs with the corresponding major (credit) as well as workforce development and continuing education programs (non-credit).

There are many programs to choose from in college, and not all colleges/universities offer the same programs.

Not surprisingly, 50% or more of students enter college in the U.S. with an undecided major. Also even if you who have chosen a program, you may wonder if you have selected the "right" major as many students do not research college programs before making career plans.

To help you make an informed decision in choosing a college program, you may need to collect more information about yourself (interests, personality, skills, and values) and your opportunities (college programs and occupations).

To begin your career planning, you want to may take the free career assessments (inventories and tests) that help to point you in a career direction. Based on the way you individually answer the assessment questions, the results will provide you a list of possible suitable occupations with the recommended education, training, college majors, and etc.

Additionally, you may want to learn more about the various college programs such as the degree programs and workforce development programs to include reviewing a description of the program, occupational outcomes, professors/instructors, and required coursework.

Furthermore, you may want to learn more about specific occupations to include a summary of the job, the work environment, how to get the job, the pay, the job outlook, similar occupations, and contacts for more information.

In your career planning you have the option to follow career pathways that begin in building career foundations in workforce development programs then continue to degree programs for further career development.

The choice of a college program(s) is up to you and there are many resources to help you!

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