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How Do I Search For An Internship? (See Internship Search Engines and Resources Below)
Internships are temporary work-based learning experiences with employers or organizations that may be paid or unpaid as well as for college credit or no credit.

Internships extend your education into the workforce to provide a comprehensive college experience that combines both theory and practice. These opportunities are viewed as an entry level means of acquiring practical job training and valuable resume building experience. Ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to begin self-directing your own career development with an emphasis on support through work supervision and academic instruction.

Some college programs may require you to complete an internship as part of the required credit coursework.

Most employers may require you to receive college credit as part of the eligibility requirements to complete an internship; the reason is due to the fact that employers must operate under the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Internship searches may require you to take a much more active role in your search efforts as up to 75% of internships may not be announced or advertised by employers…although these opportunities still exist.

Therefore, you may want to try the job databases, and search engines in addition to the yellow pages, college programs, and professors to get leads on employers.

Importantly, most employers may be open to taking interns. However, employers usually require you to be near the end of completing your college program and to successfully interview for the internship. The reason for this is that employers want you to not only be able to observe and learn, but also to be productive during the internship as well.

What Is The Career Services Online Database?
The Career Services Online is an electronic job board that you can use to search for job, internship, and work-study position announcements posted by employers that are approved by the University and Community College Career Centers.

The Career Services Online features several search functions for you to easily find and apply for jobs, internships, and work-study positions.

You must contact the employers directly to apply for the job, internship, and work-study opportunities.

 What Are Some of the Most Popular Internship Search Engines?

What Career Resources Can Help Me?

{Disclaimer: UDC Career Services provides career development and job/internship search related services to students and alumni.  UDC does not endorse any employer or job/internship opportunity and is not responsible for employers' representations regarding job/internship postings, wages, working conditions, safety, or other work-related issues of employment.}

Please use caution when applying for jobs, internships, and other positions especially when sending sensitive information as the genuineness of employers and position announcements cannot always be guaranteed by the Career Services Center.


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