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Career Clusters and Occupations Information

How Do I Choose An Occupation?
Making a decision about an occupation (job, career, or vocation) may be challenging for you especially while you are completing a college program. However, students who set career goals are more likely to complete college and make better use of the college education in the workforce.

In fact, 70% of students enroll in college to get a better job. Additionally, 71% of jobs in DC by 2018 will require a post high school education.

To get the most out of your college experience, you may need to plan for what you want to do with your college program (degree, major, certificate, coursework, and etc.).

To begin your career planning, you may want to learn more about specific occupations to include a summary of the job, the work environment, how to get the job, the pay, the job outlook, similar occupations, and contacts for more information.

Also you may want to look at a grouped list of occupations known as career clusters, and then you can research the occupations that correspond to each career cluster of interest to you.

Furthermore, you may want to take the free career assessments (inventories and tests) that help to point you in a career direction. Based on the way you individually answer the assessment questions, the results will provide you a list of possible suitable occupations with the recommended education, training, college majors, and etc.

Ultimately, you will be responsible for translating your college program into job employment after college…as most colleges do not place students into jobs known as "job placement.

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