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Information Technology Certification Training Program

Welcome to UDC-CC's Information Technology
Certification Training Program!

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Spring 2014 Schedule and Course Descriptions

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Welcome to EdCafé

The EdCafé is a place for people interested in almost any kind of learning and self-enrichment to find opportunities for growth. You can sign up for continuing education classes and much more.

The EdCafé is for you. We will provide you the tools for growth. What will you do with them?

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EdCafé is a virtual and real “third place” where myriad institutions and organizations link to providing the most exciting and cutting-edge lectures, workshops and seminars in the nation’s capital. The organizations we link to and partner with are some of the leading think tanks, research organizations and institutions seeking to provide the information and capacities for transformational learning. EdCafé is about starting a conversation about who we can be as individuals and as a community. What are you thinking about? Contact us by email or Facebook if you have an idea to share.

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