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DOES Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility-Determining Documents

If you were directed to this page, you must collect and present documentation in order to meet program eligibility requirements.  Please collect one of the indicated documents for each applicable category below: 

Requirement Acceptable Documents
Residency DC Driver's License or DC Non-Driver ID card only (must be current)
Educational Status High School Diploma; GED; School Transcript (sealed); Letter from School District on letterhead; College Degree
Citizenship Birth Certificate; US Passport; Voter Registration Card; INS Form (I-151, I-551, I-194, I-688A, I-197, I-179); foreign passport stamped Eligible to Work; original Naturalization Certification
Date of Birth Birth Certificate; Government Issued ID; DD-214; US Passport; School Records; Driver's License
Social Security Number Social Security Card; Driver's License; Pay Stub, DD-214; Letter from SS Agency; Non-Driver's ID Card; SSA NIMI Printout; Government ID Card
Military Status (If Applicable) DD-214; VA Letter/Records
Employment Status (If Applicable) Layoff Notice; Termination Notice; Warning Notice
Selective Service Information Selective Service Status Information Letter; DD-214 (Veterans); or current fulltime active duty orders & military ID card.  Only applies to males born after December 31, 1959.
Family Size (If applicable) Birth Certificates; PA or SSA records

Additional Eligibility Requirements

UDC-CC/WDP is required to maintain documentation of the following for each participant: 

Requirement Acceptable Documents
Health Insurance Health Insurance Card or other proof of coverage



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