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Intake Process

Thank you for your interest in the UDC-Community College Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning Division (WDLL) programs! The WDLL Fall 2015 Registration will begin the week of July 27, 2015. Please see the schedule for CASAS days below. Classes will be held at six (6) of our campuses. Registration for new students will be held at the two locations listed below:

Please click here to download the intake process.

Patricia R. HarrisBertie Backus
4600 Livingston Road, SE5171 South Dakota Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20032Washington, DC 20017

The steps below outline what you can expect during the intake process. If you are a new student or do not have the minimum CASAS scores for enrollment, the process will be completed on two (2) separate days.

Registration Process:

CASAS DAY – (DC Driver’s/Non Driver’s ID needed)

Step 1 – Speak to a WDLL staff person – You will sign in at the front desk, and a staff person will review and verify your proof of residency (DC Driver’s/Non Driver’s ID),and provide an application for you to you to complete.

Step 2 - Attend an Information Session – At this session, you’ll learn more about the Workforce Development opportunities at UDC-CC.

Step 3 - Take a CASAS Assessment - You will take an adult English and Math assessment. Results will be provided after the assessment. (CASAS stands for the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System).

Step 4 – Interpret your scores - The Advisor will sit down with you to review your CASAS scores and to determine if you meet the requirement for your program of interest. You will be given the dates to return, and your next steps will be explained based on your results.

Please note:  Children are not allowed to accompany you during the CASAS assessment.  If you do not have an adult with you to be responsible for your child, you will not be allowed to move through the intake process.

ADVISING DAY- (ALL WDLL Eligibility Documents Needed)

Step 1Speak to a WDLL staff person – You will sign in at the front desk, and a staff person will review and verify your eligibility documents (listed below), create a student file for you, and explain your next steps to complete the process.

Step 2 - Meet with an Advisor - The Advisor will sit down with you to review your CASAS scores, discuss career goals, and assist you in selecting classes.

Step 3 - Meet with a Registration Specialist – The Registration Specialist will enroll you in your selected classes and provide you with verification of enrollment and Orientation Flyer.

The following eligibility documents are required for all of our WDLL programs and will be reviewed and collected upon your arrival on an ADVISING DAY ONLY. Please note that you will not be able to register without ALL of the required documents.

List of required WDLL Eligibility Documents (ADVISING DAY ONLY):

  • DC Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • High School Diploma, GED, or College Transcript
  • Copy of your CASAS assessment results
  • Proof of income ·
  • Proof of Citizenship/Authorization to work in the U.S.

List of additional Health Care Documents (if you are interested in Health Care classes):

  • Criminal Background Check through Global Investigative Services
  • CPR Certification through American Heart Association
  • Drug Screening
  • Health/Medical forms signed by a physician (specific to program of interest)

Please access/download the above documents via these links:

Your Proof of residency (DC Driver’s/Non Driver’s ID) is the only document needed on these CASAS DAYS. The Advising days will be provided to you after you take the CASAS and meet the minimum requirement for enrollment.

7/29/2015WednesdayNoon – 6:00pmPR Harris
7/30/2015Thursday9:00am – 3:00pmPR Harris
7/31/2015Friday9:00am – 3:00pmBackus
8/5/2015WednesdayNoon – 6:00pmBackus
8/6/2015Thursday9:00am – 3:00pmPR Harris
8/7/2015Friday9:00am – 3:00pmBackus
8/10/2015Monday9:00am – 3:00pmBackus
8/13/2015Thursday9:00am – 3:00pmPR Harris
8/17/2015Monday9:00am – 3:00pmBackus
8/20/2015Thursday9:00am – 3:00pmPR Harris
8/24/2015Monday9:00am – 3:00pmPR Harris
8/31/2015Monday9:00am – 3:00pmBackus

WDLL offers courses in the following Career Pathways:

  • Construction and Property Management
  • Health Care (Direct Care & Health Care Administration)
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Technology and Office Administration
  • Transportation

Below is a list of our WDLL campuses:

Bertie Backus   Shadd P.R. Harris
5171 South Dakota Avenue, NE   5601 East Capitol Street, SE4600 Livingston Road, SE
Washington, DC 20017 Washington, DC 20019Washington, DC 20032
202.274.7209  202.274.5617202.274.6999
St. Elizabeths   UDC-Community CollegeUnited Medical Center
R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center801 North Capitol Street, NE  1310 Southern Ave., SE 
2730 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., SEWashington, DC 20002   Washington, DC 20032
Washington, DC 20032  202.274.7181  202.574.6854

The class descriptions and list of required documents may be found in the WDLL Course Catalog.

The complete Fall 2015 Schedule of Classes is available here.



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