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Starr LindseyI would like to thank Ms. Mays for making this day come true. On May 25, 2014,  I was able to participate in the Run or Dye as a volunteer. I wasn't certain of what I would be doing but I was there to volunteer. So I dressed to pick up trash and give out numbers to the runners. But to my surprise, we were throwing the dye at and on the runners! It turned out to be a great day. Hearing people thanking me for putting the dye on them was rewarding.  At times it was so dusty that I could not even see the runners. Some were walking, pushing strollers, running and even riding bikes. The runners turned the event into a game of tag. At one point, this experience was color therapy for me. I went home painted orange from head to toe and also smelled like oranges. The Run or Dye project gave me a sense of growth within my chakras. It made me feel good about myself and focused on my life plan. I pondered if it was the opportunity to volunteer or if it was the layers of dye on me that made feeling so good about life!

-- StarrLa'Diamond Lindsey

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Rosetta Brown
A.S. Liberal Studies, 2013
Home Health Aide and Direct Support
Professional Certificates, 2013
B.S. Electrical Engineering 2015


Michael Loggins
Workforce Development & Lifelong Development
Hospitality Program, 2012


Bryant Deas

In February, Dr. Edwards helped me redesign my resume to highlight my previous work experience as a teacher.  I applied to DCPS with my new resume and I was interviewed via telephone in March.  I made it through the first round of interviews and was told to complete my drug test and fingerprinting.  I recently received an email stating I have been cleared to move on to the second phase of the interview process.

I want to thank all the staff at PR Harris that have helped and encouraged me throughout this process.  I really appreciate it.

-- Bryant Deas

Bryant DeasMy name is Andriesha Ross, and I am a student who wears my UDC Badge every day as a BADGE OF HONOR.  Every day I get up, coming to UDC gives me hope and inspiration to finish my educational goals. I live for my 7 year-old-son, Tobi-as Shyrone-Andrew Griffin, who gives me all the support a mother could need. The foundation I am setting will provide him with the necessary tools and resources to achieve great things when he grows up.  Recently, he was given the DC Opportunity Trust Scholarship and will be attending private school this upcoming fall.  The opportunity I was given by UDC staff to share my experiences with the entire WDLL community will forever remain in my heart. UDC has passed me the TORCH, and I have willingly taken it and am running towards my future.  I am "Beginning with the End in Mind".

-- Andriesha Ross

Bryant DeasI am a student at the University of the District of Columbia, and my name is Rosetta L. Brown.  I am working on getting my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.  It was my goal straight out of high school to go to college and get a degree in Electrical Engineering.  I attended The University of the District of Columbia until I got married and started a family. Marriage for me became an obstacle in the way of completing school, and unfortunately I withdrew from the University.  Life is full of challenges and obstacles, but it is our responsibility to ourselves to make the very best out of each and every one of them good, bad or just plain difficult.

In May of 2013 I found myself forty-nine years old, unemployed and in the final stages of a divorce.  As I searched for employment I found that jobs paying thirty-five thousand dollars a year were requiring that the applicants have a Master's Degree.  Before I was unemployed I was making over forty thousand a year without a degree.   Looking for direction, I enrolled in UDC Workforce Development Program and took the Direct Professional Support class at the United Medical Center, and upon completion of that class I enrolled in the Home Health Aid class at the Bertie Backus Campus.  It was a challenge for me to return to school after almost thirty years but it was my responsibility to myself to make any improvements to my life and the lifestyle I had come accustomed to living.  With the completion of UDC Workforce Development Program with a certificate in both the Direct Support Professional class and the Home Health Aide class, I am now job-marketable in both careers.  Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."  I was inspired by the investment I made, in enrolling in UDC Workforce Development Program and with the transcript audit assistance they offered.  On August 26, 2013 I enrolled in UDC Community College.  I am now the recipient of an Associate Degree in Science and Liberal Studies from UDC Community College.  I look forward to looking back knowing that UDC Community College Workforce Development Program was my bridge to cross over to UDC Community College, which was my bridge to cross over to the University of the District of Columbia.  The quote by Benjamin Franklin means to me that the more knowledge I seek and acquire, the more I will accomplish in my life.

-- Rosetta L. Brown

Bryant DeasHello, my name is DeQuan Palmer, and I moved to Washington, DC from North Carolina in August with the hope of attending the University of the District of Columbia in Fall 2013. However, due to circumstances beyond my control I missed the deadline.  While at 801 I met Mr. Lloyd, who informed me about the Workforce Development Program and classes that were being offered.  I was very interested in the construction trade that was offered at Shadd.  I immediately went to Mr. McDuffie at Shadd that same day, where the CASAS test was administered and where I received the

documentation package for registration process. I brought all of my documents the next day to register for HVAC CFC and Basic Drivers Education.  I'm very proud to say that I passed my HVAC CFC   Universal Certification, and I now have my Learner's Permit. After completing these classes I spoke with Mr. McDuffie about transitioning into the Construction Management Associate's Degree.  He assisted me through the entire process including helping me complete my admission application and FAFSA application and waiving my application fee.

Mr. Lloyd and Mr. McDuffie have been great mentors during this process.  I'm proud to say that I will start my degree in Construction Management in January 2014.  Additionally, I was accepted into the Marriott Training Program, thanks to Mr. Lloyd advocating on my behalf.  Since moving to Washington, DC from North Carolina I have accomplished much in the way of my educational journey.  I'm looking forward to completing my Associate's Degree in Construction Management and continuing by Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from North Carolina A&T.  I would like to thank Mr. Lloyd and Mr. McDuffie, and the entire Workforce Development staff for helping me achieve this part of my journey!

-- DeQuan Palmer, Transitions Student/Marion Shadd Campus


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