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Transportation Academy

Are you interested in a career in transportation?  Are you a person who likes to work with your hands and wants to improve the transportation sector of the city?

The UDC-Community College's Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning Division has created a Transportation Academy (TA) for residents of the District of Columbia. The TA will consist of three main areas of transportation: (1) Automotive Technology, (2) Electronics Technology, and (3) HVAC. Each of these areas will break down into a list of non-credit bearing courses that will allow the student to become certified in the respective area of expertise. Students will receive an intake assessment conducted by student success specialists to assess prior learning, identify areas and skills of interest, and education readiness. Students will also receive enhanced career counseling, such as job readiness workshops, access to online career development tools, and in-person counseling to help them enter into and advance in transportation careers.

The following courses will be offered starting in March 2014:

Electronics I

This Electronics I course will help students understand the concepts and terminology of electronics. It is aimed at providing students with an understanding of the basic principles associated with electrical theory and applications, without the assumption of any prior knowledge of the topic. The course begins with understanding some of the basic electrical theory principles such as the simple DC circuit, Ohm's Law and the calculation of power and consumption requirements. Areas of study will include Electronic Components, Soldering/De-Soldering, Electrical Block Diagrams and Schematics, Power Supplies, Test Equipment and Measures, Series and Parallel Circuits, Technician Work Procedures as well as additional areas of study as detailed in the course objectives.

Total hours:     135
Certification:    ETA Student Electronics Technician (SET) Certification

HVAC 608 Refrigerant Recovery

The HVAC 608 class is a two day class designed to help facilitate students' prior knowledge of HVAC systems and apply that knowledge in the topic of refrigerant recovery. This course will review the rules and regulations regarding refrigerant recovery, recycling and reclaiming, and the effects of refrigerants on the environment. In addition to the text, students will utilize Blackboard, handouts, and other resources identified by the instructor to assist with the completion of the course. At the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to take the EPA certification test online with a proctor for an additional fee of $25.00 which must be purchased by the student with a valid credit card.

Total hours:     16
Certification:   EPA Section 608 CFC Certification

Who Can Enroll in this Program? 
To enroll in the Transportation Training Program, students must:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a high school diploma or a GED certificate.
  • Pass the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) exams with scores of at least 231 in reading and a 221 in math.

When and Where are Classes?
Check the class schedule for locations and dates.

How Much Does this Program Cost?
This program is offered at no cost to eligible DC residents.

What do I need to apply?
At the time of application, you must submit all Required Documents.

CASAS Assessment scores for Transportation Academy classes:  Reading 231 minimum, Mathematics 221 minimum.

Students are not officially enrolled until all documents and assessments have been submitted and accepted. 

How Do I Enroll?
Call or visit any of the Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning locations.   Visit, http://cc.udc.edu/workforce_development for more information.

Transportation Academy Schedule:

Electronics I

03/21/14 – 07/26/14

Friday 5:30pm -7:30pm
Saturday 9am – 2pm

801 N. Capitol St. NE

HVAC 608 Refrigerant Recovery

04/25/14 – 04/26/14

Friday & Saturday:

801 N. Capitol St. NE

HVAC 608 Refrigerant Recovery

05/09/14 – 05/10/14

Friday & Saturday:

801 N. Capitol St. NE



Apply for Admission

Admission Deadlines

Fall - May 15
Spring - October 15
Summer - April 15

International Applicant Deadlines

Fall - April 15
Spring - September 15
Summer - March 15

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